How to Get LeetCode Premium for Free?

While obtaining LeetCode Premium for free may not be straightforward, there are several methods and strategies you can employ to access its premium features without paying. Here’s a detailed guide on how to potentially get LeetCode Premium for free:

  1. Free Trial: LeetCode occasionally offers free trials for its premium subscription. Keep an eye out for promotional offers or special events where LeetCode may provide temporary access to its premium features for a limited period. You can sign up for a free trial during these promotions and enjoy the benefits of LeetCode Premium without any cost.
  2. Student Discounts: LeetCode offers discounts for students enrolled in accredited educational institutions. If you’re currently a student, you may be eligible for a discounted or free subscription to LeetCode Premium. Verify your student status using your university email address or student ID to avail of any available discounts or promotions.
  3. Referral Programs: LeetCode may have referral programs that reward users with free access to premium features for referring new users or completing certain actions. Check if LeetCode offers referral bonuses or incentives for inviting friends to join the platform. By referring others to LeetCode and encouraging them to sign up, you may earn credits or unlock premium access as a reward.
  4. Competitions and Challenges: Participate in LeetCode competitions, coding challenges, or contests that offer prizes or rewards for top performers. LeetCode frequently hosts coding contests such as LeetCode Weekly Contests, LeetCode Monthly Contests, or sponsored coding challenges in collaboration with tech companies. Winning or placing well in these competitions may earn you free access to LeetCode Premium or other perks.
  5. Scholarships and Grants: LeetCode occasionally provides scholarships or grants to deserving individuals who demonstrate exceptional coding skills, contributions to the community, or financial need. Keep an eye on announcements, blog posts, or social media updates from LeetCode regarding any scholarship opportunities or programs available. Apply for scholarships if you meet the eligibility criteria and showcase your coding abilities to increase your chances of receiving free access to LeetCode Premium.
  6. Community Events and Meetups: Attend coding meetups, hackathons, or tech events where LeetCode representatives may be present. These events provide opportunities to network with fellow developers, interact with industry professionals, and engage with the LeetCode community. LeetCode may offer free trials, giveaways, or promotional codes to attendees of such events as a way to encourage participation and engagement.
  7. Open Source Contributions: Contribute to LeetCode’s open-source projects, repositories, or initiatives on platforms like GitHub. LeetCode maintains several open-source projects related to algorithmic challenges, data structures, and coding resources. By actively contributing code, documentation, or bug fixes to LeetCode’s projects, you can demonstrate your skills and commitment to the community, potentially earning recognition or rewards such as free access to LeetCode Premium.
  8. Social Media and Forums: Follow LeetCode’s official social media channels, forums, and discussion groups to stay updated on news, announcements, and special offers. LeetCode often shares promotional codes, giveaways, and exclusive deals with its followers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Engage with the community, participate in discussions, and keep an eye out for any opportunities to win free access to LeetCode Premium.
  9. Feedback and Reviews: Provide valuable feedback, reviews, or testimonials about LeetCode’s platform, courses, or services. LeetCode values user feedback and may reward users who share constructive feedback, testimonials, or reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, Capterra, or their official website. By sharing your experiences and suggestions, you may earn recognition or incentives such as free access to LeetCode Premium as a token of appreciation.
  10. Keep an Eye on Promotions: Lastly, consistently monitor LeetCode’s website, blog, and promotional materials for any new offers, discounts, or promotions. LeetCode periodically runs special promotions, sales, or holiday deals where they may offer discounted or free access to LeetCode Premium. Stay informed and take advantage of these opportunities whenever they arise.

Final Conclusion on How to Get LeetCode Premium for Free?

In conclusion, while obtaining LeetCode Premium for free may require some effort and patience, there are various strategies and avenues you can explore to access its premium features without paying. Whether it’s through free trials, student discounts, referral programs, competitions, scholarships, community events, open-source contributions, social media engagement, feedback, or promotional offers, there are opportunities available for motivated individuals to enjoy the benefits of LeetCode Premium at no cost. Be proactive, resourceful, and engaged within the coding community to maximize your chances of getting LeetCode Premium for free.


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