Pearler vs Raiz: Which is Better?

Here’s a comparison of Pearler and Raiz in a table format, focusing on key aspects that investors typically consider when choosing an online brokerage platform versus a micro-investing app:

Primary FunctionOnline brokerage platform for direct investment in stocks and ETFsMicro-investing app for automated investing in ETF portfolios
User InterfaceStraightforward and intuitive interfaceUser-friendly mobile app interface
Target AudienceIndividual investors in Australia, focusing on direct stock and ETF investmentsNew investors or those looking for automated investing with small amounts
Investment OptionsAustralian stocks and ETFsETF portfolios based on risk preferences
Fractional SharesSupportedSupported (through Raiz’s portfolio investment approach)
Fees and CostsCompetitive brokerage fees, no hidden costsMonthly fee based on account balance and transaction fees
Features– Dividend reinvestment plans<br>- Portfolio tracking and management tools– Round-up spare change investing<br>- Portfolio rebalancing
Customer SupportEmail support, basic educational resourcesEmail support, in-app help center
Educational ResourcesBasic resources providedEducational content and resources available through the app
Special Features– Emphasis on long-term investing<br>- Fractional share investing– Round-up spare change investing<br>- Found Money cashback program
Platform FocusLong-term portfolio buildingAutomated and passive investing with small amounts
Cost StructureTransparent fees, no inactivity feesMonthly fee based on account balance and transaction fees


  • Pearler is suitable for individual investors in Australia seeking a direct approach to investing in Australian stocks and ETFs. It offers a straightforward platform with competitive brokerage fees and tools for portfolio management.
  • Raiz is ideal for new investors or those looking for a passive and automated approach to investing. It operates as a micro-investing app, focusing on round-up spare change investing and portfolio management based on risk preferences.

Final Conclusion on Pearler vs Raiz: Which is Better?

Choosing between Pearler and Raiz depends on your specific investment goals, preferences, and the level of involvement you want in managing your investments. Pearler is suited for direct stock and ETF investing with a focus on long-term growth, while Raiz offers automated investing and passive portfolio management designed for ease of use and accessibility. Evaluate these factors to determine which platform aligns best with your financial objectives and investment strategy effectively.


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