Deathloop Trophy Guide

“Deathloop” is a thrilling and innovative first-person shooter developed by Arkane Studios, renowned for its immersive gameplay, intricate narrative, and stylish art direction. As players explore the enigmatic island of Blackreef and unravel its mysteries, they’ll encounter a variety of challenges, secrets, and opportunities to test their skills and ingenuity. Among the many objectives within “Deathloop,” acquiring trophies or achievements adds an additional layer of depth and satisfaction to the gameplay experience.

In this comprehensive trophy guide for “Deathloop,” we’ll delve into the requirements, strategies, and tips for unlocking each trophy in the game. From mastering combat encounters to solving intricate puzzles, this guide will help players navigate the complexities of Blackreef and achieve 100% completion.

1. “Master of Leaps” – Bronze Trophy

Requirement: Successfully perform a shift maneuver during combat.

Strategy: Shift maneuvers allow players to teleport short distances, providing a valuable tool for evading enemies, repositioning during combat, and accessing hidden areas. To unlock this trophy, initiate a shift maneuver during a combat encounter by pressing the designated button (platform-dependent) while engaged in combat with enemies. Timing and positioning are crucial for executing a successful shift maneuver, so practice using this ability to evade enemy attacks and gain the upper hand in combat situations.

2. “One of Us” – Bronze Trophy

Requirement: Gain a Slab.

Strategy: Slabs are special abilities that grant players unique powers and advantages, such as teleportation, invisibility, and enhanced strength. To unlock this trophy, players must acquire their first slab during the course of the game. Pay attention to the narrative and objectives provided in the game’s storyline, as certain missions and encounters will lead to the discovery and acquisition of slabs. Experiment with different slabs to find the ones that best suit your playstyle and objectives.

3. “Knife to a Gunfight” – Bronze Trophy

Requirement: Successfully perform a melee takedown on an armed enemy.

Strategy: Melee takedowns are a stealthy and effective way to dispatch enemies without alerting nearby foes. To unlock this trophy, approach an armed enemy undetected and initiate a melee takedown by pressing the designated button (platform-dependent). Timing and positioning are key to executing a successful melee takedown, so wait for the opportune moment to strike when the enemy is vulnerable and isolated from other threats.

4. “Banking on It” – Bronze Trophy

Requirement: Deposit Residuum at a Residuum Harvester.

Strategy: Residuum is a valuable resource used for infusing weapons, slabs, and upgrades between loops. To unlock this trophy, players must deposit residuum at a residuum harvester located throughout the island of Blackreef. Collect residuum by dismantling items found in the environment, defeating enemies, and completing objectives. Once enough residuum has been collected, interact with a residuum harvester to deposit the resources and progress toward unlocking this trophy.

5. “Party Crasher” – Bronze Trophy

Requirement: Disrupt a Visionary’s party.

Strategy: The Visionaries are key characters who hold the key to breaking the time loop on Blackreef. To unlock this trophy, players must disrupt a Visionary’s party by infiltrating their location, causing chaos, and thwarting their plans. Pay attention to the objectives and clues provided in the game’s narrative, as certain missions and events will lead players to confront Visionaries and disrupt their activities. Utilize stealth, combat skills, and environmental hazards to achieve your objective and unlock this trophy.

6. “Déjà Vu” – Bronze Trophy

Requirement: Die for the first time.

Strategy: Death is an integral part of the gameplay experience in “Deathloop,” as players navigate the dangers of Blackreef and encounter formidable adversaries. To unlock this trophy, players must experience their first death in the game. Don’t be discouraged by defeat, as each death provides valuable insights and opportunities for improvement. Learn from your mistakes, adapt your strategies, and persevere through the challenges of the time loop to progress toward achieving 100% completion.

7. “Bad Day” – Silver Trophy

Requirement: Die 15 times.

Strategy: Embrace the inevitability of death and use each defeat as an opportunity for growth and improvement. To unlock this trophy, players must experience a total of 15 deaths throughout their playthrough of “Deathloop.” While death may seem like a setback, it provides valuable feedback and learning experiences that contribute to the player’s overall progression and mastery of the game’s mechanics. Experiment with different strategies, approaches, and tactics to overcome challenges and minimize the frequency of deaths as you strive for 100% completion.

8. “Loop Hero” – Silver Trophy

Requirement: Break the loop for the first time.

Strategy: Breaking the time loop is the ultimate objective in “Deathloop,” requiring players to eliminate all eight Visionaries within a single loop and disrupt the cycle of death and rebirth on Blackreef. To unlock this trophy, players must successfully break the loop for the first time by eliminating all Visionaries and completing the game’s main storyline. This achievement represents a significant milestone in the player’s journey and signifies their mastery of the game’s mechanics, challenges, and narrative twists.

9. “Ultra Rare” – Gold Trophy

Requirement: Collect all other trophies in “Deathloop.”

Strategy: Congratulations! By unlocking this trophy, players have achieved 100% completion in “Deathloop” and mastered all of its challenges, secrets, and objectives. This trophy serves as a testament to the player’s dedication, skill, and perseverance throughout their journey on the island of Blackreef. Celebrate your achievement and enjoy the satisfaction of unraveling the mysteries of the time loop and emerging victorious against the forces that seek to keep you trapped in perpetual repetition.

Final Conclusion on Deathloop Trophy Guide

In conclusion, unlocking trophies in “Deathloop” adds an additional layer of depth and satisfaction to the gameplay experience, challenging players to master its mechanics, overcome its challenges, and unravel its mysteries. By following the strategies and tips outlined in this comprehensive trophy guide, players can navigate the complexities of Blackreef, achieve 100% completion, and emerge triumphant in their quest to break the cycle of death and rebirth.


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